Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tom Sandy

My very good friend Tom Sandy entered eternity on June 23, 2010. I may have some of the details incorrect but as I know them here they are. Tom and family were in a car accident a few years ago (May 13, 2007). A Florida thunderstorm toppled a large oak tree upon their car while driving home. Tom's wife and two children were also in the car. Everyone was injured and Tom was left paralyzed and was in ICU. His children miraculously were spared, but Tom remained paralyzed from his neck down. (I may have his condition incorrect, so forgive me if I have this wrong.) His wife was injured and remained in a body brace for an extended period of time. Tom remained in this condition for a very long time and he took a turn for the worse last week and never recovered.

I knew Tom from high school, but I mainly remember him for helping me grow in the Lord after coming to a relationship with God after high school. His sister, Lacy is the first person who seriously tried to witness to me about the Lord. His mom and dad took me under their wing and really helped me understand the ways of God. Tom fell in love and married Jeanmarie who lived in Montgomery, Alabama. I was in their wedding and helped them move to Alabama. They found a home church and invited Brenda and I up to visit after our wedding. We felt like it was the place we were to move to and grow as a family. It was the same church, First Assembly of God in Montgomery, Alabama that I first entered the ministry. His daughter, Kameron, came to Virginia to attend college. While here she became a member of our congregation, and was a delight to know.

I will always remember and cherish our friendship. I am really, really, really sad and am in tears often. I cannot imagine what his family must feel. I owe a lot to him and his influence eternally helped me.

This is the email notification his wife Jeanmarie sent out.

"Dear Precious Friends,


There is no way to explain the strength that Chandler, Kameron and I and my family and Tom's family have walked in- other than your prayers and His amazing grace.


Tonight at 8:15, Tom stepped onto streets of gold. He got the best miracle of all. He always said he'd walk again and he is.


As agonizing as his journey began on May 13,2007, it ended June 23rd in the same manner. Thirteen days of one major physical trauma after another.


My explanation:  2 Corinthians 4:17


For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. …"



Let us all keep his family in our thoughts and prayers.


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