Monday, May 3, 2010

Port, or not to port.

One option in chemotherapy is to have a surgically inserted port instead of having to locate a vein every time you get infusion. It is a hard decision, but my daughter-in-law coached me through all the pros and cons. (She had chemotherapy and was/is a good coach on the topic.) For me it was a good thing, and fellow chemo patients with sick humor like to show off their ports. (You have to be a bit discreet as it is located on your upper chest.) (A female friend and I had to show off our ports yesterday, and it was a funny moment.) Some get theirs removed immediately after chemo, others do not. My chemotherapy will continue another year and half, and so it is was an easy decision to keep it in. Keeping it shaved is necessary, as the last time, I got infused, the tape on what little chest hair I have was more painful than the therapy. A big oooowwwwww was uttered when my nurse removed the tape the last time. It aids in the recovery process because it is just one less thing to worry about. The plus is that every month you have to go in and get it flushed. This time gives you access to the nurses who are loaded with information and can give wise counsel on most any topic. It also connects you to fellow patients, with opportunity to minister hope and receive hope as well.

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