Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Physical Exercise

I felt a 'calling' to reach ultra marathon conditioning after receiving a diagnosis of stage four b cell indolent Lymphoma. I followed through on this after consultation with two oncologists, oncology nurses, a primary care physician, friends, spouse, congregation and the Great Physician. An urge to do things I could not do was present in my consciousness and the general response was laughter, and encouragement that it wouldn't hurt me only help me if and when treatment would begin.

A belief system can include actions of faith following prayer. Following prayer about something, or someone, a person can and should take a step or many steps of faith towards whatever that person could not do before.

The form of cancer I was diagnosed with was not a fast growing cancer, so I wasn't immediately rushed into chemotherapy treatments, but 'watchful waiting' treatments. Not every cancer diagnosis has the luxury of this 'watchful waiting' to prepare oneself for the future. For fast growing cancers whatever physical conditioning one is in at the point of diagnosis is the level they enter chemotherapy. I had the luxury of time to prepare. I had already reached the marathon level of conditioning so continuing to pursue even greater physical conditioning was simply continuing along the same pathway. It is these pathways that each person travels, that are either positive or not so positive. Recovering from cancer and its treatments is enhanced when ones pathways are already positive and continue along a positive path.

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