Monday, April 26, 2010

Chemotherapy Recovery (cont.)

Spiritual exercise is very vital for recovery. What I mean by this is to live by faith, not by sight, Doctor Reports, or what is in the now. I found faith building broadcasts, books, podcasts, pamphlets, and active participation in church the spiritual exercise that built up my spiritual energy and endurance. I spent time and effort in meditation on certain scriptures until they became engrafted into my being. I discovered I wasn't equipped in the discipline of meditation of scripture. My mind would often drift to the now, and stay focused on what is, not what is by faith. Upon a recommendation found in a book "The Pursuit of God", by A.W. Tozer in the chapter, "The Gaze of the Soul", I engaged his recommended life coach. Tozer recommended a Nicholas of Cusa on this topic, so I ordered the book, "The Vision of God" by Nicholas of Cusa and this greatly helped me add this dimension of spirituality to my spiritual disciplines.

Ones imagination can go in the opposite direction if not disciplined by faith, hope and love. Learning to harness ones thoughts following a cancer diagnosis and treatments is a very huge part of recovery.

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