Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Cancer/Chemotherapy Recovery, cont.

Exercise the soul. Some describe the soul as the mental/emotional/will of every human being. All aspects of the soul of a chemo patient will be tested, and if a person will exercise all of the complexities of the human soul before, during and after, one will be quicker in recovery. I found meditation of promises from God found in scripture a much needed mental exercise. Emotional exercise was both refusing negative emotions such as anger/bitterness/discouragement and opening myself up to positive emotions such as love/joy/peace/patience and others. Predetermining to never give up or quit the healing process required strengthening my will to live. I watched positive movies, engaged in life giving activities, resolved human conflicts, and set a goal to live to over a hundred years old.

Scriptures speak in Luke 21: 19 "In your patience possess ye your souls." (KJV) Being patient with the realities of cancer and chemotherapy is most difficult. With energy levels plummeting to 50%-90% and with taste buds rendering all things blah and tasteless and living most days in a continual state of nausea one needs to be patient. Without patience, one can lose ones soul to the ravages of the disease and the affects of its treatments. With this patience, one isn't so easily angered that life is a blur and that one's best days are a mere shadow of what life was before cancer and chemotherapy. Without patience, one misses the simple joys and beauty of life even when life is reduced to 50%-90% less than what it used to be.

While being infused on a treatment day, I was next to another patient, and had a very profound thought I wanted to share, but all that came out was, a mixed up jumble of unintelligent words. The drugs to offset the allergic reactions were so affecting my speech that I couldn't say what was in my head. My fellow patient was patient with me, and I needed to be patient with myself. My profound thoughts couldn't be spoken, so I just layed back, and flowed with it. The human soul is very complex and simple at the same time and being patient keeps a person from losing one's soul in the process of healing the body.

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