Thursday, March 25, 2010

What’s it for?

Good question, after asking the meat man at the grocery store for small pieces of lamb shank bone.

“It is for a ceremonial Seder plate. Our church is doing a Messianic Passover and we need them on the plates.”
Moments later he handed me a package, perfectly done, without a price. I quizzed him on the price, he just patted me on the shoulder, smiled, and said, “It’s on the house, it’s for a good purpose”.

It was like, his meat cutting was momentarily elevated to such a higher purpose, and he was filled with gratitude, and graciously gave.

I am always pleasantly blessed to see the affect of doing the work of the Lord has on a person. There is a lot of ‘mundane and insignificant’ work that goes on surrounding any spiritual endeavor, and it can become routine if a person get’s cranky. I had just met a cranky follower of Christ at a florist as I was picking up my palms for Sunday, who was in the latter description. The person seemed to have been tasked with a few too many things for their churches Easter Week services, and was less than positive. The florist folks picked up on it. Thankfully, today, I wasn’t cranky, and it was my joy to remain pleasant, and my Easter blessing, was returned with gracious gratitude from those who had prepared our bundle of palms.

May we all remember how blessed we are to offer ourselves and our work unto the Lord. There is no insignificant work for our Lord.

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