Saturday, March 20, 2010

Oh, no, I forgot to go by the CPA's office!

It was 5:00 p.m., and I was four miles away on a bike ride when I remembered. Not just any bike ride, but a test ride on the County Connector Trail, a trail paralleling Difficult Run. I stopped and called, and they were gone. Moments later they called back, and let me know they are working late. Thanks be to God she was a grandmother and understood when I said, I had been enjoying the afternoon with grandkids and totally forgot. I biked back to Vienna, and pedaled right up to their front door, and walked on in with bicycle attire including helmet (covered my hat head hair). The blessing of doing business with people you have known for years is that formalities are not necessary. She explained the very complicated process of computing a tax that our church has to pay that will be a relief to the congregation. (Yes, there are special cases when a church has to pay a tax.)(I am serious it is a tax that rhymes with two bit.) Anyway, these fine ladies who are CPA’s are working late on a very pleasant Saturday evening for our congregation and other of their clients.
Thanks be to God for skilled, friendly, late working God fearing CPA’s.

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