Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Emphasis: Miracles of Jesus!

Mental miracles of Jesus are as great as or even greater than the physical ones. Jesus, miraculously transformed minds, not just bodies. Jesus is the same, today, yesterday and forever, and even now, can perform a miracle in one's mind. Just one mental miracle is the transformative power of no longer be thinking of one's hurt, or ones victimization, or ones negative experience, through forgiveness and forgiving. Imagine, a life that doesn't think of revenge, or bitterness, or jealousy, or rage, or depressing thoughts, but rather thinks of hope, faith, love forgiveness and forgiving. It can be yours, through a relationship with Jesus.

It's going to be good every Sunday in March at Vienna Assembly of God. It's going to be good because the Miracles of Jesus are ongoing.

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