Monday, February 8, 2010

No rush hour in Northern Virginia

It is significantly quieter this morning with two feet of snow on the ground. There are no cars except an occasional service vehicle out on the roads. It sounds like we live in a very rural setting. It is a significant stillness. I am thankful for every one whose employment allows telecommuting. It was a revolutionary idea years ago, and may God bless those governments, companies, organizations and communities who give that privilege to work in a mobile office setting.

My readings today are from the book of Exodus. The community of God's people was mobile for 40 years and prior to the giving of the Law on Mt. Sinai, very early on; maybe days after crossing the Red Sea I discovered an obscure passage.

Exodus 15: 25 the Lord … gave them some laws and teachings.

Just a few "laws and teachings" were all they needed to take the next steps in their journey. Just a few "laws and teachings", if followed, brought this promise.

26 … "I am the Lord your God, and I cure your diseases". (CEV) Health and following the Lord were hand in hand as the great Exodus from Egypt took place.

Telecommuting from a mobile setting one has to be creatively diligent, with just a few "laws and teachings", from a supervisor. Too many can quench energy. One's personal health and health for ones employer occurs as the few "laws and teachings" are followed. Today and for awhile, it is inevitable that some loss of productivity will occur, however, it doesn't have to result in a loss of health for one's personal life and the life of their employer. Some really fabulous ideas can be obtained from the Lord along with storing up sound wisdom for the future. The Lord could also cure any governmental and corporate 'disease' that is present in ones work place, as "some laws and teachings" are followed.

Lord, thank you for the stillness many people are experiencing in my community. Help us follow you into health, personally and corporately. We humbly ask that you would cure personal, governmental and corporate disease.

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