Sunday, February 7, 2010

Knee Deep in snow

The snow in Northern Virginia is knee to thigh deep. Fortunately, my 16 inch snake proof boots I use for turkey hunting with water proof pants worked just fine to check on the church property. My Neon's hood was level with the snow and it took much longer than expected to clean it and my truck. I am feeling so unmotivated to do anything, so I am going with the flow. The one productive thing was my daily scripture reading, and discovered a unique passage.

After the Passover and Israel left Egypt the Lord did not send them on a direct route, but an indirect one that included turning back. The big picture for the Lord leading them to 'turn back' (Exodus 14:2 NIV) was so that the Lord would eventually get glory for the magnitude of the miracle. My book and philosophy of life is "Constant Forward Motion", but in this instance following the Lord meant going backwards and 'turning back' for a short season. So, chilin' out, even turning back from some important spiritual duty so as to do nothing productive is going to be the flow for the day. Watching Super Bowl commercials with some football on the side and no fasting, is on the agenda.

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