Friday, February 12, 2010

The Holy Season

With an early Easter (April 4), the Season of Lent begins next week. This forty day period is a great opportunity for both immediate and progressive transformation. Consider fasting (saying no) to something, and saying yes to God, others and life itself. A great thing to say yes to is a daily reading of the bible. Consider saying yes to reading the bible for forty days and allowing God's word to work transformationally in every area of your life. Consider saying no to habits that steal, kill, and destroy time, God opportunities, health, and a fulfilled future. I prefer this season over the New Year for transformation because of the emphasis on the work of the Holy Spirit, and less emphasis on self will and determination. In the forty days leading up to the celebration of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, bad habits could be cleansed and great habits formed. Let us all consider the celebratory aspect of the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ, and use this period of time to grow closer to Him.

Lord, help us prepare to fully celebrate Easter, by offering back unto you a transformed life. Thank you for renewing your mercies and extending unmerited favor to all.

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