Monday, January 25, 2010

Slowing down to go further.

It's fasting time again, and the net result is slowing down. Everything seems slow, taking more time than normal to get normal stuff done. Mental, spiritual, emotional, physical clarity comes afterwards, but for now, my brain feels full of glue. Cleansing and spiritual breakthrough's are preceded by slowing, or stilling one's life to know God in a deeper way. It's not a discipline I like, or look forward to, but I do like the results. Some serious prayer needs came in late afternoon, and was glad to intercede for a friends needs. I won't be doing any complicated math, or solving any puzzles, or playing any word games, or working on a sermon. Sitting here, stilling myself, to know God is about all I am up to.

Lord, help me and others know you better.

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