Friday, January 8, 2010

New Jeans

It isn't a good thing when your oncologist looks at your belly fat and recommends lowering your calorie intake. 
So, after the Rituxan chemotherapy on Thursday Brenda and I went shopping for the thing that always motivates me to change.

Jeans that fit. 
Something about the reality of paying for larger jeans motivates me. Combined with the surprised gaze of my oncologist at my belly it is time for calorie reduction. After seeing my new granddaughter I sat down to eat a great meal my son-in-law's mom had made.  And there was gravy. Tomorrow is when I will begin calorie reduction. Plus, she said we need to eat up the ice cream to make more room for the food she was preparing for Tom and Rachel. It was a task, that needed to be done. Another good reason to wait till tomorrow, or the next, or the next.
So, maybe today calorie reduction will occur, or maybe not. I will go wear my new jeans and store away the old in hope I can fit into them without holding my breath while jumping up and down to get them buttoned. 
Lord, help me and others eat healthily without excess calories and without excuses. 

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