Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Don't know why it's called fasting. Should be called slowing. The spiritual discipline of saying no to something for a brief period of time is called fasting, but for me the result is slowing. Fasting food is the most common of all fasts, and it had been a few years since I had embraced this discipline, so I was a bit hesitant of starting it up again. I was pleasantly surprised. No caffeine withdrawal headache was the primary reason for joy. I wasn't fast, but slow most of the day, but I made it through. Fasting food and drinking plenty of fluids has a cleansing affect physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. Saying no to a days' food means 2500 less calories a week, and that's a good thing for me, a bad thing for my belly fat. Saying no to a day's food forces one to concentrate on all tasks at hand, and that's a good thing. Saying no to food, places one in a place of saying yes to God's help and that is the best thing about a fast. Saying no to food for a day, empowered me to say yes to tackling difficult tasks that piled up on my desk. Fasting is the least favorite spiritual discipline, but the most rewarding in its results. Some people have gotten quite creative in the fast. There are Daniel fasts, T.V. fasts, movie fasts, vanilla coke fasts, dessert fasts, meat fasts, vegetable fasts, alcohol fasts, etc, etc, etc. To me, a fast has a slowing affect and that's a good time to place deeper trust in the Lord, and much less trust in the flesh.

Lord, help me and others fast the good things of life, so we can slow down to enjoy the best things and the best One.

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