Saturday, December 26, 2009

Uno champs!

The ground is level at Calvary and at the Uno table with my two granddaughters' age 6 and 4. They no longer need any assistance, and what an absolute joy, to see their minds fully engaged in strategic planning as they took delight in delivering draw two's, draw four's, reverse and skip, etc to their grand dad. I already knew the oldest needed no more help. To experience the youngest fully engaged and 'into it', with a joyful delight when she would lay down a draw two for me after planning on the exact moment really was the capstone to a blessed Christmas. I don't deserve, nor merit these favors from God, and this understanding makes it even easier to give thanks unto God. Redemption included for the mother of my grand children, no stain of all the negative choices I made while searching for truth. I continually marvel at the undeserved grace of God that washed away all the affects of my mistakes and removed generational dysfunctions. It was an undeserved gift from God to isolate the burnt brain cells from drug use, and dead ones from alcohol use from the gene pool. It was an unmerited gift for my children to be freed from generational dysfunctions.

Lord, on this day after Christmas, we all have so many things to be thankful for. Help us not focus in on the few things that are still not right. Lord, help young adults turn away from habits that without your unmerited grace will be passed onto their children and children's children for multiple generations.

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