Thursday, December 10, 2009

Original, authentic, spiritual, awe inspiring and a bit raw.

This summarizes VAOG's Christmas program. We have toddlers as singing angels, a first grader reading a lengthy text of scripture, children operating puppets and performing drama, youth singing both reverent and almost irreverent original songs, young adults reading bible texts in Spanish and English, adults reading poems, scripture, singing high end, high church songs, and the inspiring story of the incarnation of Jesus Christ is presented. It isn't close to the rawness of a baby born to a virgin, miles from her mother in a stable grotto and sleeping in an animal food trough wrapped in discarded rags, but it will have to do.

For a dose or authenticity, albeit raw, come to Vienna Assembly of God, 100 Ayrhill Ave. N.E. Vienna, VA. @ the 10:30 service. We will give you a free calendar and some nice bread.

Lord, help us see and experience the rawness of your birth. Help us throw off the chains of expected perfectness during this very special season. Especially comfort those, who will face their Christmas without a loved one, away from loved ones, or with a fatal diagnosis, or with very difficult unmentionable issues'.

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