Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just another angel

So mighty is an angel that one foot is on the sea and another on the land (Rev. 10). Yet, this mighty angel, worships, honors and obeys God. As we keep moving forward in life, we pass into and out of seasons of more or less obedience to God. In a long trail run, such as the Hellgate 100K held this week end in the mountains of Virginia, less obedience to the path the race director chose could mean death or dismemberment. Making your own path in an ultra marathon leads to destruction and frustration at many levels. Why not superimpose this into our lives, and just keep following the path laid out before us by our creator and stop wandering through the cold, dark mountains of our negative choices.

Lord, help us keep our eyes on the path you have chosen for us to follow. Help us get back on the path, if we have strayed, and help us keep following and trusting you.

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