Sunday, December 20, 2009


What would our lives be like if we no longer felt like anyone, especially our spouse owed us anything? What if we didn't keep an emotional bank account? What if anything and everything was a free will offering, freely given without any sense of obligation, but with joy of a gift given freely. What if on the giving end every gift was freely given and on the receiving end was a complete and total understanding that it was undeserved and unmerited? What if every person no longer felt like God, government, loved ones, or anyone owed us.

My wife and I had a discussion about this during our 'snow bound' home worship service this morning. It was a very meaningful discussion and it helped us move forward with some issues of life. The full message is found at complete with everything one would need for a home service.

Lord, help us overcome any feeling of entitlement or emotional obligation. Help us overcome thinking we are entitled to anything, so that whatever we receive is a special surprise gift that will be seasoned with thanksgiving.

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