Thursday, December 17, 2009

16 But the earth helped the woman by… (Rev. 12 NIV)

The Revelation of Jesus Christ also reveals things about the earth. If the earth can help in a spiritual cause, then let us the return the favor as stewards of the earth, by doing all we can do to make the earth better, not worse. Since summer, Brenda and I have been composting everything we can and even after months of this activity, our compost barrel is not halfway full. I understand that organic waste is a major problem in landfills, and it is just one small way to assist the earth. Today is our town's recycling day, and every week, our recycling can is at minimum four times fuller than the one we use for other trash. It takes just a little effort to assist the earth, and conversely, it also takes effort to hurt the earth. What if every human being chose as one of their life goals, to 'leave everything and everyone better than when they found it or them'. Being a grandfather, I think about the earth my grandkids are inheriting. Little effort, combined with every human being will result in great results. I think, that the more revelation one receives about the Lord, the more helpful revelation about 'down to earth' stuff comes as well.

Lord, help us be helpful to earth, not hurtful.

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