Thursday, November 26, 2009

Near Perfect Day

Wednesday was another near perfect day. Waking up with all the children and grandchildren safe and snug in their beds, in our house at Smith Mountain Lake is beyond beautiful. Sat on the deck sipping coffee watching and listening as nature comes alive with the dawn while reading devotionally. Fish swirling, turkey’s cackling in the trees, squirrels imitating deer, no deer, and wood peckers near and far. A huge pancake breakfast, by Catherine, Brenda, Robyn and Rachel. My neighbor Ralph and Wes, giving up their morning to direct the removal of a dead hickory tree and beech tree. Daniel, Jakob, David, and Tom giving up their days off to help guide the falling trees and cart them off to be burned. Daniel cleaning the gutters. Everyone moving the tons of leaves. Lunch of venison chili and electronically uploading and downloading sermons and power points, connecting with Susan in the church office. Naptimes. Lydia catching her first unassisted fish. Catching a catfish while conversing with Brenda. Grilling fresh meat while conversing with Daniel on big picture things. Feasting on venison tenderloin and catfish, with salad, rice, etc. lovingly prepared by everyone while free flowing conversation around the huge table generously donated by John Brook. Watching grand children videos, playing Scrabble Slam, eating fabulous pumpkin dessert bread by Robyn and watching Muppet Christmas Carol, and an end to a near perfect day. This morning holds the promise of another one.
Lord, I and others are so thankful for what has been, and is, and by faith, we are thankful for what will be. For everyone less fortunate and unable to be with family, may your grace strengthen, sustain and protect, especially those who serve our countries military forces. Help those who are in the middle of chemotherapy and may there very soon be an end to all cancers. Thank You.

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