Wednesday, November 11, 2009

God’s people must learn to endure. Rev. 14:12 CEV

Long distance running was the mechanism the Lord used to spiritually develop what I was already naturally gifted with. The soon to be printed book, "Constant Forward Motion-the running of the Lymphoma Ultra series", is a compilation of long distance runs completed as a promise of faith to the Lord. The endurance learned during that season of life, carried me through the season of chemotherapy. (By God's grace a sequel is coming, entitled, "Constant Forward Motion- the season of Chemotherapy". The endurance learned helped me press through things, and I didn't miss a full day of work, and was always able and willing to do all the Sunday morning things a lead pastor is called upon to do, during that season. The endurance learned also helped me enjoy life all through the chemotherapy season. I was able to enjoy fully my son's wedding, my daughter's graduation from college and her wedding. Endurance learned also helped me continue all aspects of ministry, including staying connected to my community through involvement in the Vienna Tyson's Regional Chamber of Commerce (VTRCC). By endurance learned, I was also able to do the insignificant things around the house that can really stress a family if left undone. My wife also, through endurance learned, was able to prosper and thrive during the chemotherapy season, and was able to produce and create multiple publications and help with events that have blessed countless people, as well as lead our congregation in worship every Sunday.

I don't know what mechanism the Lord desires to use, for everyone to 'learn endurance', I only know He wants to be our Teacher of endurance.

Today, our nation honors our Veterans, and I am positive, that the Lord has used service in our armed forces to teach endurance to the Veteran and their families. I pray every person and their family receive affirmation of their service by a personal compliment and by the voice of God spoken to their inner spirit.

Lord, strong training and discipline are not enjoyable experiences, but the results are. I ask for myself and others, to continue learning endurance in whatever form you desire to coach us into.

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