Friday, November 27, 2009


Brenda, Catherine and Robyn were all day in the kitchen, preparing our feast. Casseroles of sweet potatoes, green beans, and corn filled the table. A huge, (made us laugh) spinach salad, gravy, cranberry filled stuffing, rolls, and crowned with a fabulous fresh turkey was set upon the well decorated table. Dessert was an apple pie (hand picked apples from our fall trip) and grasshopper pie topped with whipped cream. There were multiple returns and all this followed everyone giving thanks to God. All my children are now married to wonderful spouses, and there is peace among us. For some reason I have a memory of great stress surrounding many of my childhood Thanksgivings (maybe that is why we started going to hunting camp at Thanksgiving), and I really pray we can continue having peaceful Thanksgivings. We burned off calories, with yard work and cleaning the basement. We strolled down to the water after watching "It's a Wonderful Life", and discovered I had caught a medium carp on my catfish rig, which was immediately attacked by my cairn terrier upon its landing. The fire that took me forever to start now needed dousing as the wind began to gust, so my son and I stretched out the hose and ended its life. We played Bible Mad Gab and sat around and talked until it became obvious it was time for sleep.

Lord, you have made us all better by bringing spouses to my children. You have formed us into a wonderful casserole that is much improved with my children's spouses. Thank you for every ingredient that keeps making our family better. Thank you for forming us into an ever growing and ever better community.

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