Wednesday, November 4, 2009

22 years in one place.

I really love the people of the town I live in. Vienna, Virginia has become our families' home and by God's graces remains the place the Lord continues to send us to. After offering the invocation at Monday's Town Council, an old friend stopped me and said some positive words of encouragement to me. He had once sat on the Board of Zoning Appeals and we came to know each other from a zoning issue 21 years ago. I am thankful to the Lord for allowing me to stay in one place this long and develop long lasting friendships with the people in the community. Last week, while in a local hardware store, I was asked to minister to an employee's aunt. At the counter, he called his aunt, handed me the phone, and allowed me the opportunity to share the love of God to someone who is struggling with cancer, while standing at the counter of the store. It was as normal and natural as can be, and done in the presence of friends with no pressure or stress.

Just as in running long distances, it is only after the 20 mile marker that deep conditioning begins to take place in one's body. It is also the distance many people hit a wall. Through trial and error, and research I found that the 20 mile wall can be avoided with taking nutrition every hour of a long run. It is an excellent feeling to be refreshed in the place of ministry after 22 years, and still feel the excitement each day holds of the possibilities of ministry. I am thankful, for the very distinct privileges God has allowed me to enjoy; just one is the blessing of a long term ministry in a town I love.

Lord, my heart is full of thanks for sending me to this town, and for your continued sending to this wonderful community. May your hand of refreshing be upon any who are struggling with the place they have been sent. May they find your grace to fall in love with the place of your sending.

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