Thursday, October 8, 2009

You dog!

"like a dog enticed by food" is the metaphor used to describe a human being that is drawn away from a marriage bond into a secret relationship (Pro. 7:22). It is fairly easy to entice a dog and according to some statistics on marriage and family life, it appears that it is just as easy for humans to be drawn away from the marriage bond.

Hmmmmm. Maybe a Christ follower is to exercise self control, temperance, and moderation, with every God given appetite. This morning by God's graces I was able to complete another .5 mile run, after some extensive stretching and completion of specific back exercises. Returning to exercise is very, very difficult, but doable. Slow, incremental, but steady exercise in every part of life will eventually, over time bring results.

Lord, thank you for the twin towers of health and healing, and by your graces help us exercise self control so we do not make 'dog like' mistakes.

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