Friday, October 2, 2009

Two church laptops stolen

A sign of difficult economic times is when a burglar steals two laptops dedicated to the Lord's work (from my office!!!!). One act puts into motion multiple avenues of response from the spiritual, legal, law enforcement, budgets, insurance, etc. etc. etc. Good things, must be about to pour out upon our congregation and family. It is a good day, and better days are ahead. It is the thief who steals kills and destroys. It is Jesus who brings life and life more abundantly, and it is up to us who will influence our day. It is Jesus who influences us to 'save' our data. Some days, are more difficult than others, and it is one of those days. It is also the day the Lord made, so let us (me) rejoice in it.

Lord, grant us (me) grace to rejoice in every day, for you have made every day, and every one. Thank you that most everything was backed up, and like you have done for us, 'saved'.

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