Monday, October 26, 2009


Sensing the Lord was transitioning me into another season of life included a transition of the devotional study of the bible. The I Phone bible was too slow one morning so I opened an old school, paper version, and it was bookmarked to the Revelation of Jesus Christ. My heart both leaped and sank at the same time. As I read the Word I was reminded of the Revelation of Jesus Christ's love, his death that freed from sins and his resurrection that has made me a member of a community of spiritually minded people. This past weekend's fall foliage tour with Brenda reminded me that as beautiful as a leaf is as it is transitioning, it eventually will fall off the tree. The new has come, and the old has gone, and with it comes seasons of transitional transformations.

I wonder what the Lord is speaking to you about. To transform will require new adjustments to daily routines, and I and others would benefit from hearing what daily routines are helping you move to the next season of life.

Lord, with joy, reverential fear and trembling we look to you for seasonal transformation. Help us move out of stagnancy into a new season of life.

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