Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Keep moving!

A static life can quickly become stagnant. Those of us who are overcoming health issue after health issue live with constant pain, which makes it so easy to stop moving. I find it difficult to move because I have the memory of how easy movement used to be. With a sunny afternoon on Monday, I laced up some boots and took a fast walk into the woods near my house. No euphoria, no high, and afterwards I was very stiff, but I know if movement continues, one day, a breakthrough will occur. Moving by faith will one day be rewarded with feeling good. Small insignificant steps forward seem like a waste of time, compared to what once was accomplished. Transformation occurs as our daily routines transform. Movement forward even if it is taking a different form still carries one towards the goal. Changing, or even going back to an old routine that worked helps transform us into moving human beings. It may be a totally new routine guided by a physical or spiritual therapist, or an old one guided by pleasant memories of a 'first love' or 'first breakthrough', or a pleasant season of life. Mine is a combination of both, as I follow a physical therapist's new exercises, in a familiar place(my basement) and time (early morning), while listening to spiritual teachers. Re-reading my first book, "Constant Forward Motion, the running of the Lymphoma Ultra Series", is helping me get moving again and I think it will help you as well. Let me know if you want a copy and/or a case as I determine how many to print.

Lord, help us move forward into your promised land. Help us not look back except to remember spiritual and physical routines that once moved us forward.

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