Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is one holiday that elicits a wide variety of responses from followers of Jesus. On one end of the polarity is the belief that the whole earth is the Lord's and that the bodily resurrection of Jesus makes every day the day the Lord has made including Halloween. On the other end is that there is a belief that it is a satanic day, and that any recognition or participation in the day, means that you are worshiping Satan. I have both gained and lost church members over this issue. I land on the belief that the bodily resurrection of Jesus makes any and every day, the Day the Lord has made. I land on the belief that the whole earth belongs to the Lord and that no day is set apart from His rule and reign, including Halloween.

For 22 years now, Vienna Assembly of God reaches out to our community in various ways for the annual Halloween Parade. The years we spent weeks making a float and entering it as a witness, also received multiple complaints from the Christian community. with such responses as, "what scriptural right do you have to enter a float in the day of the devil's parade", "don't you know this is the devils day?" On that particular day, I was suffering from a migraine headache, was tired from the labor, driving the truck pulling the float was a hassle in itself, and I didn't have the grace to extend to the man's ignorance. So, I responded with a "get out of my face, in Jesus name". I am not proud of my response, and I admit to having little patience with aggressive followers of Jesus who are in the attack mode. We are currently doing an outreach plus having some fun for our own children by making a cardboard maze, offering ATV/trailer rides, grilled hotdogs, hot chocolate, etc,etc. We will have people on standby to answer any spiritual seekers and spread kindness and some free food and fun to the community. We will host multiple people who will use our parking lot, and they will be greeted by smiling Brenda, and giving them a brief welcome to our ministries.

This year, I hope to not lose another attender, because of an outreach to the community, but I do hope to gain a member of our communities favor with the hope of them becoming an active participant in our ministries. My main hope is that someone will grow closer to making a decision to follow Jesus. My Gigantic, Big Hairy, Humongous Goal would be that someone would cross the line of faith, and say yes to Jesus. That would make my day.

Lord forgive me and others who have little patience with your followers who are in the attack mode. Lord, for the Christians who are on the attack, looking for people to correct, I ask you to show them a more excellent way. I ask for your grace and love to be extended to those spiritual seekers tonight who will use our parking lot. May they be drawn closer to you, as a direct result of our ministry.

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  1. Craig,
    There is one night a year when all of my neighbors come to my house in amiable states of mind. Can you guess when it is?

    The other 364 nights a year they are busy recovering from work and the many stresses they deal with. They don't receive people kindly that knock on their door, but on Halloween night they're excited to come see me and connect.

    Several years ago I was in a Sunday night prayer service on Oct. 31st. I was convicted because we were praying for God to help us reach the lost, but we were hold up in a church when the lost were knocking on our doors at home. I immediately sent everyone home with instructions to stop on their way and pick up a couple bags of chocolate candy. Only the best from believers ;-)

    Have a great outreach!