Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Great MNF game!

Overestimating oneself and underestimating others is one of the six things the Lord hates (Pro. 6:17). Last night's MNF was the only time, my wife and I stayed up till the end of a MNF game, and it was worth every moment. (Suffering now, though). The line between the proud look the Lord hates and the determination necessary to keep pressing on in the face of impossibilities can often be blurred. The big story for me was not Brett Favre, but Aaron Rodgers who just kept battling back, though he was sacked a record times. The Packers never gave up, and to both teams credit, was one of the best games ever. I appreciated the spirit of both teams, who, after the game, showed excellent sportsmanship and congratulated each other.

Humility isn't giving up, and evil pride isn't fighting back against insurmountable odds.

Lord, give us the character to be humble without the baggage of a quitter, free us from evil pride and fill us with the spiritual determination to keep moving forward.

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