Monday, October 26, 2009

Grace Extended

First book soon to be published. I unashamedly ask for prayer and help. During the cancer diagnosis phase in 2004 -2006 and into the Faith Promise runs of 2007 and beyond I journaled the journey and have accumulated the series of short stories into a book entitled "Constant Forward Motion, the Running of the Lymphoma Ultra Series".  I have forewords from Mark Batterson, David Grant, David Horton, Rebekah Trittipoe and Bradley Mongold, and the book is full of acts of grace that would be inspirational to cancer survivors, runners, family/friends of cancer survivors, missions-minded people, anyone going through a tough spot in life, and anyone interested in the sub-culture of ultra marathoners.  It will be an excellent book for mission's services as gifts for those making faith promises for missions.  Every time I re-read in the editing process I still am amazed, even though it was me that did the faith promise runs of 40 and 50 miles in a body that was being weakened by Lymphoma.  This past weekend, Brenda and I visited sites along the Blue Ridge parkway where two of the runs had crossed, and our heart was stirred to realize the grace of God extended during the runs through the Virginia and West Virginia Mountains. Everyone who has read it says, "It's a miracle, really", "amazing", "inspirational", and others.

Self publishing and promotion is new territory for me. Unless a miracle occurs it won't be available in book stores, so I will offer much discounted rates to those who want a case (24) for distribution. The most important steps were taken early on as the Lord spoke to Brenda. This and numerous insights will be well worth the cost. I am in process of determining the quantity to publish. Let me know at if willing to help distribute a book filled with hope and numerous acts of grace. By God's grace it will be available in time for Christmas.

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