Saturday, October 10, 2009


My youngest daughter inspired me to start composting. Now, we have very little garbage that goes to landfills. Composting requires the process of rotting which is a good thing if utilized effectively. I am still figuring the process out and it is interesting to watch and manage the process. I put stuff in the bin and turn it to mix it all up. It is a pretty nasty place to be, full of gnats and rotting plants.

Proverbs 9 says "the name of the wicked shall rot". Humans were not made for the eternal compost bin. The devil was and will one day be composted throughout eternity. A loving relationship with God , through Jesus Christ ensures entrance into God's heaven and rescued from being put in the compost bin.

Lord, remind us that a good name is a great, renewable resource and treasure. Help us always choose the most righteous option. Deliver us from the wicked one.

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