Saturday, September 26, 2009


After a fitful, non restful night, the morning brought a warm breakfast while watching hunting shows, yard work, house work, movie, football, install cable line, talk with brother, nap, organize play room, camo taped and cleaned guns, ate fabulous fresh grilled tuna caught last Saturday in Mexico, sitting in recliner watching Gator football, and soon to eat fresh apple crisp with ice cream with my spouse of 31 plus years.

Only stress of day, was hearing my brothers and I, cabin was broken into the third time, this time, with attempted arson. Praying the perpetrators is imprisoned soon.

Since Jesus fulfilled the Sabbath, anyone at anytime can find rest in Him. Doing something different while praying in the spirit is rest for me.

Lord, thank you, for down times, in prayer, that brings us your peace and rest. For those who continue to break into our cabin, we pray that the law enforcement official will make a quick arrest. Until that time, we trust you for protection.

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