Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ramadan Kareem

After a serious health discussion with my Islamic oncologist, I awkwardly said, "not sure how to say this, but… blessed Ramadan? To you?"    

She helped me, and said," thank you, but we say, Ramadan Kareem, which means, May Ramadan be generous to you".

As a follower of Jesus Christ, and surrounded by an ever increasing number of followers of Islam, I choose the nice approach. There is a moving of the Holy Spirit in dreams, visions, and miracles that is drawing followers of Islam towards following Jesus. Let us position ourselves to be the mentors/disciplers/pastors to them. The most generous spiritual experience would be choosing to follow Jesus Christ, so we can say it in faith, without compromising our faith, "Ramadan Kareem to you".

Lord, grant us love, generosity, and graciousness to the spiritual seekers within Islam. Grant us favor, so we may lead them closer and closer to you.