Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The prescription to live quietly without fear or dread of evil is to pay attention to God's wisdom (Proverbs 1:33). There is no co-pay, no side effect, no negative interactions with other prescriptions, and God's wisdom is easy to swallow. This morning, just my antibiotic prescriptions, had a papa bear, mama bear and baby bear size. The pain medication has multiple negative side effects. The prescribed medicine to help all them flow through my digestive system is so nasty to taste it causes an instant gag. Yet, the daily deepening affect of paying attention to God's wisdom as revealed in the bible, adds the promise of an eventual blessing, and sometimes an instant one if we will just pause our life to read and pay attention.

The best gift a parent can give their children is the gift of reading, and specifically the gift of reading God's wisdom. God's wisdom is better than a field of treasure, costly gems, pure gold, and 25 years of season tickets to your favorite sports team. And, God's wisdom is an easy pill to swallow.

Thank you Mom and Dad for encouraging and sometimes forcing me to read.

Lord, will you pass on my thanks to Dorothy and Cal. Help us to regularly read and pay attention to God's wisdom. Grant all of us your wisdom to navigate the complexities of life. Make it easy to swallow. Amen

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