Tuesday, September 8, 2009


A 100 degree to a 94.7 degree temperature swing in a week isn't normal. This morning, I compiled a log of medications, symptoms, temperatures, etc. of the last week, to assist my oncologist and primary care physician. Communication to earthly doctors is not easy, and is time consuming. I am still optimistic that it is effective.

A high temperature as well as a low temperature is a signal, that something is not right. Conveying that signal to doctors in a way that is understandable, within the time frame of office hours is much more burdensome than the 24/7 communication with the Almighty we all have available to us.

Prayer to the Great Physician is easy and effective.

An hour of prayer seems long, until one compares it to the time it takes to write out a daily log, summarize a weekly log, email in six parts because of text limitations, communicate to an appointment staff, drive to the appointments, wait in the office, have the appointment, pick up medicine, drive home, etc, etc. etc. If there are tests involved it becomes even lengthier and more burdensome. If pain medication is involved, it also has to include a driver who takes off work to keep the patient from driving.

Just wanting us to think, that the time we spend with the Heavenly Father, is short, easy, effective and rewarding, in comparison with communication with physicians and counselors, and makes a difference in the moment, the day ahead and in eternity.


Lord, compared to earthly physicians, and earthly counsel, time with you, is so much easier and rewarding. Forgive us, for whatever keeps us from a devotional time with you and help us to always communicate relationally with you. Lord, say a happy birthday to my mom and let her know I have no short or long range plans on seeing her any time soon.


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