Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Physical Therapy

Lying flat on my back is more difficult in this season of life, than running hills used to be. My first session with a Physical Therapist, was all about teaching me how to do specific exercises. I left after thirty minutes with a sheet full of 'easy' exercises and am now officially, seriously, exercising my body back to health. They only take a little over thirty minutes and I have to trust my Therapist that I am going in the right direction. During the exercises I listen to Spiritual Therapists in a Christian context who also recommends specific spiritual exercises. Today, the Spiritual Therapy was exercising ones faith, by using the words of our mouth to minister to others. Specific exercises were given, and each of the preachers recommended we go out and exercise our faith. Listening and doing the various therapies, whether physical or spiritual under the watchful eye of a therapist is only the beginning. It is the doing of them this morning that will engraft them into my life.

Lord, in the physical and spiritual lead us all to a place of health, and grant us grace to do what we must do to get there. Forgive us of bad habits that hinder us from reaching health, and help us establish good habits until they are engrafted into our being.

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