Friday, September 25, 2009

No Rules

Self-control, self-discipline, temperance, moderation, all point to ruling over one's own spirit. The life with no rules is glamorized and exalted as the rite or right for the week-end. TGIF is often code word for "PARTY". Alcohol and tobacco use ended my parent's life way too early, and contributed to their divorce. My own alcohol and drug use as a teen ager contributed to every wrong decision and led me away from the good life God had planned for me. How stupid could a person be to smoke pot and try to win a track scholarship at the same time? Drug, alcohol, and tobacco use contributed to some awful decisions and destructive outcomes.

I am pondering these things as I weaned myself off of the prescription drug Percocet (Oxycodone) the last few weeks. It's true, I needed the drug, and it helped me overcome the unbearable pain of multiple bone fractures these three months. Now, that the bones are surgically repaired, it's time to move on without Oxycodone. Some really powerful people have become addicted to this drug, and I have already made the choice 35 years ago to not go down that path. Last night I had all the symptoms of withdrawal that are listed in Wikipedia, and it stirred the desire to "rule over my own spirit".

Proverbs 25:28 "He who has no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls".

God loves humanity and offers a wonderful self controlled, temperate, moderation filled plan for our lives, without abusive use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco. Temporary prescription drug use is a great thing, and was so much appreciated. Broken and crushed bones rubbing against nerve endings are indescribably painful, and Percocet was a God sent help in a time of trouble. But… now it's time to move forward without it.

Lord, some good things of life, given to us for temporary relief of pain, can become depended upon. For this we repent, and ask forgiveness and grace to move on so we may rule over our own spirit. For all who are in the middle of unbearable physical, emotional and mental pain, we ask for special grace and help from a multitude of God sent professional counselors. Help us all keep moving toward completeness and wholeness without drugs, alcohol or tobacco. Thank you for bearing our pains, sorrows and sicknesses and we accept your provisions and give you our unbearable mental, physical and emotional pains. We accept you, Lord Jesus and your gift of life.

If you live in Northern Virginia, the sermon topic this Sunday at Vienna Assembly of God is, "You are never without hope". Check our website at for directions and details.

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