Sunday, September 27, 2009

Never without hope

A follower of Jesus Christ, active in a community of God's people is never without hope. The church (community of God's people) is the both the body of Christ and habitation of God through His Spirit.

This morning, some have already experienced the filling with hope, as the church gathers around the world. Today could very well be the day we all receive the manifestation of the substance of everything we hope for.

I may wear a medical mask this morning, as I have the symptoms of a cold. I will also wear a back brace as my back continues to recover. Every Sunday, there is always something or someone that may be a very good excuse to miss the assembling together. If we wait for ourselves to be perfect, or our lives to be perfect, or our schedule to be perfect, or our lives completely caught up, we will never assemble together.

Lord, all over the world, may every person who presses forward through some very good excuses, and assembles together in church, both be givers and receivers of your countless blessings.

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