Monday, September 28, 2009

Life can be prolonged

A short scan of all my face book friends and family show the wide range of experiences from the weekend. Some had fabulous football outcomes, and others had abysmal. Some are in relationships and others are ending. Some graduated from college, others are struggling with their future. Some are riding the wave of health, others, myself included are waking up to yet another set of symptoms. In this environment of communication it is easy to covet what someone else is experiencing and be bummed out at your own.

I find myself coveting a winning football season for the Washington Redskins. It is no fun, to watch a premier franchise, play poorly and then see others playing so well. It was not pleasant being the team that gave the Lions newsworthy attention as they ended their losing streak.

Comparing what I have to what others have is what opens this door to covetousness, and covetousness robs life, robs joy, robs peace, and shortens life. Without covetousness, one's life is prolonged (Proverbs 28:16). In fact it states that we must hate covetousness. On Saturday, I watched a football game, and the most dominate saying on t-shirts on the opposing teams fans, was "Gator Hater". It's all tongue in cheek humor and fun to hassle ones opponents, and is part of the American consciousness to pull very strongly for your team and "hate" your opponent.

In living rooms across America, I doubt very seriously if what happens on the 50 yard line after every pro football game happens. It doesn't in mine. No matter the outcome, the followers of Jesus Christ, from both teams go the center of the field, kneel down, hold hands, and offer themselves to God. I, as a fan, was in no mood, to kneel down, on my floor, after the game, and offer myself to God, yet the ones who actually played the game did. That's the way to overcome covetousness. That's the way to prolong one's life.

Lord, forgive me and others for wanting what others have. Help us kneel down in the center of our field of play, and offer ourselves to you, and give you thanks for what we do have.

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