Monday, September 7, 2009

Florida Native

Florida has a lot to enjoy, and was a great state to grow up in. Best of friends and family still reside there, and I would still be there, except the Lord had other plans. My wife (also a Florida native), and I just arrived home after a miraculously delightful time with our three grown children and their families. We love our kid's spouses, and our relationship. We don't second guess the decisions made thirty years ago to follow where the Lord was calling. We played games, fished, boated, worked, passed through a time portal and celebrated October birthdays a month early, ate, prayed, and enjoyed life. Often, tears of overwhelming joy would come, as I reflected on the joys of life that have come from obeying the Lord, and there is more to come.

Tonight, two great teams from the ends of Florida are playing before a national audience. Great people comprise this unique state, and it should be an interesting, entertaining game. Growing up in central Florida, I was raised in a University of Florida home, so this game is just fun to watch. I slightly lean towards Florida State, because one of my two son-in-laws grew up in a Florida State family.

Lord, thank you for the places of our beginnings, and the places of the journey. It was, is and will be amazing.

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