Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Expanding the prayer circle is not an easy choice, but a rewarding one. This past Saturday immediately after my brother had called with the news, that the third time, our cabin had been burglarized, and now arson was attempted, I posted it, for prayer. Within 48 hours, the Sheriff's department had confessions and recovered much of everything that had been stolen. Expansion of the reach of prayer includes letting go of some privacy. Some hindrances to expansion are: "I don't want to bother God or others with my problems. He and they have enough to worry about.". "I don't want anyone to know …". "This is so embarrassing…".

Once you break through those issues, it's like breaking through the 20 mile mental wall in a marathon, or the 36 mile wall in a 50 mile run. Expansion doesn't cause more worry, but more of God's presence. We perish when we lose the redemptive revelation of God (Pro. 29:18). God loves every human being and has a wonderful plan for their life. Without that vision of God's nature, a person perishes. With that vision of God's nature, a person prospers.

From me and my brother, we are thankful: to you for praying, to the Sheriff's department for responding, and ultimately to God.

Lord, you call us out of ourselves into community. Help us yield to expansion of our circles of prayer. Give us a fresh revelation of your redemptive nature.

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