Thursday, September 24, 2009


After pain meds and anesthesia have worn off, it's good to feel better. Still have a little discomfort from the surgery, and slept most of the night in a recliner, but my back is better, straighter, and stronger. Had devotions while soaking up my fifteen minutes of doctor recommended sunlight every day.

Lord, thank you for the caring experts in the interventional radiology department that successfully "poured concrete" into and around my T-12 and L-1 Vertebrae. Thank you, that today, I am better than yesterday. Bless the current group of health care students as they ponder their future and grant them grace to pay for the high cost of a great education in the medical field. Bless those who are currently in the health care industry, as their futures are being debated in congress. Give your wisdom to the debates, we pray

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