Friday, August 28, 2009

Battery life is short and so is all of life, but we don't think about it until the power goes out, and we see our battery life on the laptop is only good for so long. At the moment, power is out in my office and I have a sense of urgency to get 'er done before the battery loses power. This sense of urgency also helped me focus on what is really, really important, and to work on that first. Doing what we couldn't/wouldn't do as an act of faith has a new dimension when one only has a few moments, or few days, or few years to bring an important deed to completion.

The electrical power now is back on, and the sense of urgency has passed.

I pray the Holy Spirit keeps giving us the sense of urgency to do what we couldn't/wouldn't do, because life, even a very long life, is short.

In a few hours, my wife and I have the privileged opportunity to mentor/disciple my granddaughter's for the week end. It seems like only yesterday, our house was full of our own children and in a few hours it will be full of grand children. May God grant us the grace to do what we couldn't/wouldn't do with our grand kid's the deeds that will create in them the desire to follow Jesus with faith, hope and love.

1Co 13:13 For now there are faith, hope, and love. But of these three, the greatest is love.

Lord, help us not put off until tomorrow, what should be done NOW! Remind us, and give us the sense of urgency that NOW is when we put into action faith, hope and love. Forgive us, for thinking we couldn't/wouldn't do something, that you want us to do NOW.

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